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Personalized Care


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Crochet Braids:   Time 3 to 5 Hours
Box Braids:    Time 4 to 12 Hours

Knotless Braids (Coming Soon):   Time Varies by Size

Feed-in Braids (Coming Soon):   Time Varies by Hair Thickness, Layer Amounts, and Style

Cornrows & Braid-Down:   Time 45 Minutes to 1 Hour

  • Use many different braiding patterns and techniques for alopecia clients.



  • By Appointment Only Consultation Required Prior To Booking


For your convenience, Zoom consultations are available for all services.

Service times vary based on thickness, length, and need.


Starter Locs
Loc Maintenance
Loc Repair
Loc Extensions
Loc Retwist

Sister Locs 


Full Sew:   Time 3 to 4 Hours 
Sew-In with Hair Left Out:   Time 3 to 4 Hours
Frontal Sew-in:   Time 3 to 4 Hours 
Closure Sew-in:   Time 3 to 4 Hours

Appointment Times May Be Extended Based On Clients Needs.

Contact Danielle Lord For A Price Quote

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